Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long run

Well, it was better than last week's - couldn't have had a nicer day for it, and good company! - though I still felt like I was struggling through it. We were thinking about doing 11, but left it at 10 due to a sore ankle/knee (J.) and general feeling of unfitness and inertia (me).

We were probably around 10:20 pace again - it is too fast me for a long run and at current fitness levels on a hilly course. I'll do my long run next weekend solo and along the west side greenway - will use HR monitor and pace off that. That will be better for morale, too, I am thinking. Today I was slightly underfueled and considerably underhydrated (tried to get away with just carrying a 10oz. bottle tucked in pocket of RaceReady shorts - the water fountains are back on in the park by now, so I can refill when needed - I hate running with a belt and bottle - but 20oz. over an hour and forty-five minutes of running is not enough).

I was also having the most painful underarm chafing! Ugh, it is ridiculous - I put on a lot of the offputtingly named Udder Cream beforehand (I prefer it to BodyGlide because you can really slather it on), but I think the problem is just with this shirt design.

It is a tragic saga - I had 3 short-sleeved Nike running shirts that I loved and used for everything, only finally they became so steeped with sweat smell that I regretfully decided they had to be thrown away.

(Now I have a washing machine which means [a] I can wash things more quickly after sweating into 'em and [b] I do not have to have multiples of the things I most like, but this was the old regime...)

So I got a Brooks short-sleeved shirt, took it out for a five-miler and then happily threw away the Nike ones and bought 2 more of the Brooks. Only to realize that they are utterly unsatisfactory on the chafing front for anything over about 6!

I will have to demote them to gym use, I think, and continue to search for the perfect short-sleeved running shirt - I did get another Nike one after that, but it is made of a different material and holds the sweat in a more soppingly heavy way than the previous ones did!

(The Brooks shirts are whatever last year's version was of this - consider yourself warned!)

10 dogged miles


Wendy said...

Well, you got it done, which is very good.

The chafing, however, is miserable.

The Boarder hopes that the next run will be less dogged. (But he's like that.)

Spokane Al said...

I also chaff during my longer runs and resolve the issue with Body Glide.

As far as the smell goes, I am much too cheap to toss a shirt just because it retains a bit of body odor.

Your standards are definitely higher than mine when it comes to the sweet smell of success.

Leah said...

There is a product called Mirazyme that does wonders for getting rid of odors. Chafing is no fun. I run in either long sleeves or a tank. I haven't figured out the short sleeve thing yet.

Rainmaker said...

Nicely done on getting out there though in the warmer weather. I know the first few warm-weather workouts (runs primarily) of the year are always a bit run, as I'm usually underhydrated.

ShirleyPerly said...

I was really impressed with WIN Sports Detergent's ability to remove some awful sweat odors from my husband's workout shirts (mine never smelled that bad). Are the Nike shirts really gone for good? If so, perhaps something to consider for the future.

And it's funny that I nearly always carry a Fuel Belt with me in training (and in many of my longer races too) that I feel naked w/o it!