Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday core/swim

An enjoyable swim, though somewhat chaotic. I was having head management issues - literal, not metaphorical, for a change! - couldn't lay hands on a hair elastic, with cascade effect - cap would not stay on! Had to skip a couple 50s here and there while I wrestled with it.

It is a minor frustration - now and again I have a really annoying lane swim or practice, and in that case I feel justified ranting - this is not on that level, I do not want to grumble needlessly - but it definitely slightly compromises the quality of the workout when there is a lot of bunching up in the lane. I was swimming at the back for most of the workout - really I should be slotted in a spot or two further up, depending on the set - I am probably the middle swimmer of those 5 on speed, especially for longer freestyle bits - only the trouble is that me and the other 2 slower fellows all swim at a very similar pace, but neither of 'em will count five seconds before pushing off, so that if I want to have a swim without anyone on my heels, I am better off going at the back - only then I cannot swim as hard as I should and keep the intervals. Ah well, there is nothing fast I am training for, it is all distance, better to swim slower and with good form and at the back than to have a high irk factor...

(Also, again, I am not at all sure what was being swum for some of these bits - the 12 x 50 in particular was wayward, I was definitely far slower than everyone else but this, I think, was because I might have been the only person doing both fly and also the kick rather than swim on the second 25...)

Warmup (truncated): 150

5 x 150 free (first three on ?2:55, last two on 2:40) (I skipped two 50s)

(there might have been one other thing in here, only I have forgotten...)

12 x 50, swim-kick by 25, 3 of each stroke in IM order (I skipped a 50 of breast - further cap issues - and in fact never heard the interval, it was all a muddle!)

2 x 200 IM on 4:40

5 x 50 free (first three on 1:00, last two on :55)

50 swim down

1950 yards total

+ 1 hr. "core sculpt" (which makes me late to swimming, which is why I miss most of the warmup - I still think that the class is very beneficial, only not at all what I enjoy!)

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ShirleyPerly said...

How frustrating about the cap. Mine sometimes tries to creep of. I wish I could cut my hair really short and not deal with one like many guys I see and some women too.

But at least you got your swim in!