Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday run

Ugh, work overload Monday and Tuesday, they were unwanted days "off" from training of a particularly exhausting kind!

I was so tired I wasn't sure I'd make it out the door, but the prospect of the mental and physical benefits of an outdoor run on an evening where it finally cleared up and reached the low 50s as opposed to the mid-40s was attractive enough that I managed to drag myself out.

It was actually a particularly nice one - much appreciated after three days of enormously hard work of the morn-till-midnight type...

Lots of good animal-watching - a large number of good-looking dogs, a parrot (brought there in a carrier - I have seen that bird around there before) very loudly contemplating the daffodils at 90th St., an attractive pair of mallard ducks having a drink from the puddles down by the sanitation pier - and (best of all) the cat known to me as the Tennis Court Calico! She looked in fine fettle - I have not seen her since before the winter...

6 miles easy

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Wendy said...

Parrots often contemplate with volume!

Glad to hear TCC is well!