Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday swim

An authentic swim-bike-run day, that is good. Only time to swim c. 1200 yards misc. - I was having a high irk factor with another fellow in the lane, but it was otherwise very pleasant.

I have been having low swimming morale recently, for the very obvious reason that I haven't been swimming enough! I would say that for someone in my position, i.e. basically an adult novice with more enthusiasm than technique, swimming 3 times a week is a minimum for real enjoyment, and I certainly do better when I swim 4-5 times, even if a couple of them are only a thousand yards or so.

(As opposed to running - where, honestly, 3 x week is just fine as long as you are doing other stuff - yes, it is true, I can see that I feel a lot stronger and easier in my running when I get up to about 25 mpw, which is easier to manage with 4 x than 3, but even so...)

It has also been a failed experiment doing the 5pm "core sculpt" followed by 6pm TNYA workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays - it seemed like a very compact use of time, but it makes me late to swim practice and I think that I enjoy each component less than I would on its own. I do think that I'll do the "core sculpt" again in the fall, but I will try the other time slot that's offered (schedule permitting).

In the meantime, it should be that over the next few weeks it is easier for me to fit in short evening swims than it was earlier in the semester, and the pool gets less crowded as we move towards exams, so that is good too...


Spokane Al said...

Don't forget that it is all about the bike.

ShirleyPerly said...

Me too on the low swimming morale. 2x a week is just not cutting it!