Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday swim

Well, I am certainly feeling very bad about how little I've trained for this upcoming race, but I had to write off my more ambitious early-evening exercise plans (it was either a bike or a run + TNYA swim workout) due to feeling utterly awful! Combination of tiredness, end-of-semester wear and tear, bizarrely hot weather (it was near 90, ugh!) and truly epically awful allergies - I felt the need to warn the students sitting closest to me this afternoon that though I was going to be spraying them with sneeze, it was definitely seasonal allergies rather than swine flu...

Still felt fairly awful mid-evening, but the other obvious remedies (water, advil, food, caffeine) had failed to dispel persistent sinus-type headache, so I figured I'd better go over for a swim, and it was indeed a very nice one - not at all crowded, and I swam enough times over the weekend that I've got my feel for the water back, it is that more than lost fitness that mars one's swimming after a bit of a layoff.

Cannot remember now exactly what I did, but along these lines:


150 free + 50 breast (stuck behind a slow fellow!)

100 IM kick with board

200 free

100 IM drill

200 free

100 IM swim

100 breast

100 back

4 x 100 as 100 free, 100 free-free-breast-free, 100 free-back-breast-free, 100 IM

100 free

100 reverse IM (backstroke flags only up at one end...)

3 x 50 (back-free, fly-free, breast-free)

3 x 50 drill-swim by 25 (thumbs-and-salute, catch-up, fists)

3 x 50 (fly-back, back-breast, breast-free)

2150 yards

(I guess I went over earlier than usual - often I only have 35 minutes before the pool closes, and only get in 1500-1600 - this is better...)


Wendy said...

A very good swim!

ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on your swim. Sorry to hear about the allergies. Looks like Mother Nature may have sent you our FL weather as it's not yet hit 90 down here.