Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In which I am thwarted!

Ugh, it was just before five and exactly as I was about to head from office hours over to the gym I felt suddenly very queasy - I stuck it out for the first twenty minutes of "core strength," but it got no better, and after holing up in a bathroom stall for the next twenty minutes I realized that really I just had to retrieve my coat and bag and go home.

I've just slept for an hour or so, and I think that really and truly it is not even something so actual as "something I ate," just acute tiredness from a couple of short/shallow nights of sleep and several days of hard work - I'm eating some crackers now with no ill effects stomach-wise, but clearly no swimming is on the cards this evening...

(I had hoped to run this morning also, but decided not to out of a combination of work constraints and tiredness - I've got a lot of work to do this evening and tomorrow early am, but will use common sense if I start feeling sick again - just got to survive this next week!)

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Unknown said...


Your body was clearly telling you to back off.