Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notional swimming

And in fact I sent the book out late Tuesday night, proceeded to scramble to catch up with teaching stuff and then have spent much of the day with Brent shopping for Antarctic gear!

We'll run tomorrow morning and then a longer one on Saturday (14 miles only - it's taper!), but I think I will not really have time to swim until Monday! That is brutal - that's the longest time I've had off from swimming since I first started a couple years ago, I think. I am desperately missing it (might sneak in a stolen one somewhere if I can, only lane swim hours make it so impractical), and have instead scratched the itch by signing up for two events that are now up in my sidebar.

The first one I did last year, and should be able to do a significantly better job with this year - it's the Aquathlon (1.5K swim, 5K run) the week before the NYC triathlon in July. Fun in itself, but also good practice.

The other event is more exciting, only not as hard as it sounds, as I think there is supposed to be a very solid tidal assist! But I am determined to start doing some serious long-distance swimming, I think it is what I will very much like...


Rainmaker said...

I think you'll have to detail out all the wares you picked up on your Antartic marathon shopping trip!

Unknown said...

Ooh!!! Little Red Lighthouse! Gear!