Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I was emailing with Liz earlier this morning - mostly just grumbling about the horrible bridge and how bad my training morale has been recently (I hope I am now back on track, today's run was pleasant). She has kindly given me permission to post one of her emails as a guest blog - it cracked me up, and I hope it will give you a smile too!
Sorry about bad training and very sorry about the awful gwb. Last saturday it was more crowded on that awful onramp than any of our group leaders had ever seen it. Later I rolled into a ditch and leapt off the bike and later still i stalled on a hill and nearly caused a pile-up. I have four black toenails and training outside in this weather is making my allergies so bad i want to tear my eyes out and scrape them off on the pavement. I ran a good four miler weekend before last ("colon cancer") so there's that at least. I can't wait to get in the pool tomorrow and get a lot of cleansing, refreshing chlorine in my eyes. Maybe if i do flipturns it'll wash out my sinuses and I'll feel ok till around lunchtime.
Happy training!

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Unknown said...

I am SO with her on the hopeful sinus cleansing powers of the pool!