Friday, April 16, 2010


are the 2 words on my favorite sign on the west side - they are so inscrutable, so enigmatic - imagine the puzzlement if one were not a native English speaker!

An excellent run just now - not excellent as in exhilarating, but a really solid piece of work.

(Several recently were marred by the fact of my asthma inhaler having run out without me noticing, so that excesses of huffing and puffing that in retrospect were due to asthmatic wheezing just made me feel unfit! And a couple others were marred by a very stiff right soleus. And last week's long one was just plain arduous. This was probably the nicest one I've had for ages.)

Ran down to Chelsea Piers and back. 10.02mi., 1:39:22 (9:55/mi.), avg HR 152, max HR 166.


Unknown said...

Of course I looked at the header and thought Time On What? (And then read on.)

Glad you had a good run!

Unknown said...

Is that where they take all the little tows who are strays?

Black Knight said...

Tow pound and I am not a native English speaker!
Congrats for the good run.