Friday, April 30, 2010

Feet of pain!

Really it was an extravagance, but I became convinced earlier this week that a Garmin was so immediately indispensable to my training that I had to order it RIGHT AWAY! (I had been pondering the question and pretty much decided to get one - Ray Maker's review of the 310XT had persuaded me that I would wait for the new and improved model, but in fact the 305 is now available for a very reasonable sum. I had to send in my Polar HR monitor to get the battery replaced, so I've been without a HR monitor - but I'll be able to use the Garmin now for my race on Sunday. The Polar has been very unreliable in recent months, so it will be nice to have the Garmin for the other upcoming May races too.)

It is a fantastic device! One which I am as yet only figuring out how to use - but I can upload directly to the Buckeye Outdoors site, which is great, and it's awfully nice having all the pace data and so forth as you're going along. It will be a good cycling incentive, I think - I definitely wouldn't have stayed on for quite so long today if I had not had a vision of what a NICE ROUND NUMBER 60 is and how lovely it would look on the device's display if I really did do that last loop...

10 loops in Central Park!

Yes, it is insane, but so long as I don't feel good about riding over that bridge, this is what I will need to do, and in fact it is really mentally comfortable near-to-home feeling in a way that I like. Mentally fairly arduous - first laps were pretty nice, but my lower back (right-hand side) started aching fairly soon, and I remember looking at my watch around the 30 mile mark and thinking "Oh, god, I am only halfway done!"

My back became increasingly achy, but it paled in relation to the agony in my FEET in the last ten miles or so! I really thought I might have to stop, they were so painful - I don't think it's shoe fit, I think it's a nerve thing, and that I just have to wiggle my toes around more in my shoes right from the beginning of a long ride. I wasn't wearing socks, so I think it might be that I should wear socks next time - might also be that I should try different shoes? The pain was in a part of the foot I do not really have a name for - call it the grippy bit that is between the ball of the foot and the toes. It was truly painful!

Anyway, I call that a very solid training ride. And I am very glad it is over!

Nice Garmin data:

60.44 mi., 3:50:17
avg HR 134, max HR 156
avg speed 15.7mph
4442 feet ascent
4428 feet descent


Becca said...

Your running posts often make me jealous, but this one does not!

Spokane Al said...


I have experienced both of your issues. For the back I started doing the superman reaches, other lower back strengthing exercises and a number of core exercises a few years back and have never experienced back pain on the bike since.

Concerning your foot issues; I had pain in what sounds like the same place as you. It is very likely a nerve issue and I solved it by purchasing some Specialized bike shoe inserts with metatarsal buttons. They permanently resolved that problem.

Good luck with your riding.

Spokane Al said...

P.S. The foot pain can also be exacorbated if you are a masher in your pedaling style. If so, you may want to work to change from that style. Mashing puts a great deal of pressure on that area of your foot that is giving you problems.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

How did you ever keep track of loops before the Garmin?! I would lose track pretty quickly. I'm a disaster at swimming laps...

Leah said...

The foot pain could be a sign that your cleats are not in quite the right position. Congrats on 60 miles! Hey, who cares if it's 10 loops in the park? It's sketchy in there with all those people! :)

Black Knight said...

Please listen to your foot and find a solution as soon as possible. The Spokane Al's advice sounds good.
I have the Garmin but I use it only during the long relaxing runs to know the mileage and never during races or tempo-run because I would always have my eyes on the screen.