Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I drowsed this afternoon and was too groggy and hot (it was 90 degrees!) in the early evening to make it down to Chelsea Piers. I am resolved I have to start spinning more often in the evenings at home, and though I love Spinervals (and it's a great workout), I think I'm both more likely to do it in the evening & also less likely to seem like a crazy person if I watch DVDs instead. Just had a pleasant 2-episode Veronica Mars ride - Brent loaned me season 2, and I have not delved into it at all yet!

1hr.20min. easy spin

(Really it should be 2 hours, or else with intervals, but I think at this point I've just got to start getting more hours on bike of whatever kind. I have been perplexed at how hard it has been this spring to get into a good training vibe - I thought that being on sabbatical would make a huge difference, but in fact it seems to me possible that there is something about the rhythm of winter leading into spring and weather changes and post-holiday blahs that make February and March often rather laggardly training months. Time to step things up round about now, though!)

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