Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday swim

Cut it a bit short this morning - it was ten to seven, and I looked around and saw that all the other swimmers had left already; then realized that (a) I had a lot more dollars in my bag than usual (hoping to pay the swim organizer for June access, only he is out with a shoulder injury) and (b) I was no longer confident that I had locked up my bike in a manner that was at all secure!*

A very nice swim in any case, even if it was short: Monday is the day to swim easy/continuously, but as I said last week, I do prefer to swim it with some kind of a pattern - it is more comfortable, it is like being held very snugly in a basket the shape of the workout!

4 x (100 free, 50 stroke): evens breast, odds back
4 x (2 x 75 as 25 drill, 50 swim): thumbs-and-salute, catch-up, 6-3-6, finger-drag
2 x (3 x 100 with every fourth length kick): flutter, whip, dolphin

1800 meters

* Yes, I rode my bike over! I chickened out and walked it through the intersection where I would have to make a turn across traffic, and also got off to walk it across the road back into the parking lot at Brent's place, but I think that on Wednesday I will nerve myself up and try and stay on the bike. It is certainly very convenient - it is about half an hour's walk on foot (a warm walk!), and I will much prefer not to disrupt Brent's morning routine by asking him to drop me off at the pool! That said, the gym is only about 15 minutes walk away, and I think I will continue to walk over there rather than riding - there is no shoulder to speak of to ride in, and the traffic becomes hairier as the day progresses.


Unknown said...

You rode to swimming! Yay you!

(1800 is not that short!)

Unknown said...

I always freak out that I didn't lock my bike up well. And then I can't stop thinking about it! This morning I have been more worried since I left it some place sketchier. I am sure it is fine, but I can't stop thinking about my bike!

Black Knight said...

1800 metres is a good training!
This is the swimming season....