Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 'skills and drills'

Which is Wendy's team's name for A VERY GOOD LESSON from Wendy!

Broke down the bits of the flip turn, went through them and determined that really I do understand the parts in theory and in practice, and must just keep on doing them in order to become comfortable. NB chin position crucial!

Then some work on breathing (the jerking-up of the head will be counteracted by steady breathing out, so that the head turns - only uncovering one side of the goggles! - and the old breath doesn't need to puff out, but new breath can be smoothly drawn in) and on body position. Cue of abs slightly tightening (not unlike streamline position) so as to keep hips high in the water; keep kicking in order to aid rotation and forward momentum. Mental cue on abs/hip position off the wall, plus use catch-up drill (and the delayed version of the drill, with a kickboard) to focus on rotation.

.5hr. (with many thanks to Wendy!)

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!