Monday, March 7, 2011

Beautiful things ahead

After a rather long and tiring work day, I have just indulged myself by spending an hour or two making up the schedule for my first block of training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene (gosh, the pictures at that site are gorgeous!) at the end of June.

I am truly going to train with the goal only of enjoying my training very much and making the time cut-offs during the race itself: I'm just not in the kind of shape that would make a lower time-goal realistic, I think I will do much better figuring I'll be close to the 17-hour limit in any case and planning accordingly. But I am so very much looking forward to digging in on a serious training regimen; I am certainly in the camp of those who love training as much or more than they love racing, and I mean to eke every bit of enjoyment out of the process.

In short, a great day out there might potentially lead to a 14-something-hour finish, but I do not know that there is much emotional difference between that and a 15- or 16-something finish, so there is no reason to go crazy with the training intensities...

This plan is adapted from the "13 hours to a sub-13-hour Ironman" plan in Gale Bernhardt's superb - indispensable! - book Training Plans for Multisport Athletes. (Brent initially recommended it to me, but I have since pressed it into the hands of many fellow triathletes - it is the sort of book you keep buying another copy of so that you can give it away. An earlier version of that particular plan can be found here.)

My own modifications: adding in a couple sessions a week of the BEAST boot camp class, which I've been doing three times a week for the last eight weeks and which is now too much of an addiction to give up entirely; moving around a few things for scheduling reasons; taking Mondays off entirely because it is my heavy teaching day and it makes sense to organize things that way. I'll probably try and go to the Tuesday evening TNYA workout and get my intensity work in that way, then do Thursday as a technique swim on my own and Saturday as a long slow continuous swim, with bits of other strokes mixed in for mental variety.

So - block one (click to enlarge)....

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