Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday swim

(Accidentally posted this first at my other blog!)

I sat in the cafe at Chelsea Piers grading papers for some hours (it was one of the more horrible things about getting back from spring break to find not one but TWO piles of assignments, one set from each of my classes, sitting still untouched and awaiting my attention, but I am almost done with the bigger set and will have to polish off the others tonight and tomorrow so that I can give them all back on Monday); I was of two minds, when it got to around two or so, as to whether I should swim or just head home, but I decided I had better have at least a short swim.

(I can see, based on this first week of training, that swimming is the thing that's regularly going to 'give'; it is too bad, because I like it very much, but that is the way it's going to be!)

(If I do my long run early enough tomorrow, I'll have time to eat and caffeinate and digest and make it to the noon TNYA workout at Columbia, which has been added recently and which I haven't yet checked out; but this is notional merely, and pressures of work may render it in any case a bad idea.)

The pool was super-crowded, it was initially not relaxing, but the lane emptied out and it was more pleasant once I was just splitting a lane with one other guy and could do what I liked; circle swimming is fine, but consideration for others means that I have to avoid breaststroke, drills, etc. so as not to gum up the lane order!

5 x 200: free, free, IM (one-arm fly), reverse IM (fly as 25 full stroke, 25 drill - I was going to do it all full stroke, but had second thoughts after the first 25!), free

4 x 100: first two as 25 fly, 75 free on 2:30; second two as free drill-swim by 25 (catch-up, finger-drag)

200 reverse IM

50 easy free swim down

1650 yards total

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