Sunday, June 5, 2011


I took yesterday off to let this chafing heal up - it is pretty atrocious! - and hoped to do a long run this morning, and maybe even go to the noon swim workout; but alas, it is clear that I will be very stupid to run while it's still like this (very sore, very disgustingly damp!), and swimming is out of the question on hygienic grounds. Gross!

It's frustrating, but it's not as bad as getting sick after my other hundred-mile ride, so I think I will prefer to err on the side of caution. I'm going out of town from Thursday to Sunday for a wedding; I'd like to have one big training day on Wednesday (I had scheduled it there, then wondered if it wasn't too much close to this past weekend, but since I will have had all of these days off, it starts to seem like a good idea again!). I'll see how the chafing is doing tomorrow and make the call then about whether to start to work out tomorrow or wait till Tuesday. I actually have an appointment tomorrow with my primary-care doctor (just a mid-year follow-up on asthma and sleep stuff), so I can ask her to take a look at it then and prescribe some topical antibiotic cream if she thinks it's a good idea.

Unwanted rest days are a bane to me - and I am up so early, too!...

I think I will see if I couldn't eke out another hour of sleep, and then spend the morning at a cafe working on my essay, which made a significant leap forward on Thursday in terms of done-ness but has languished since without my attention!

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Black Knight said...

Enjoy the wedding and get well soon.
I know to take some days off is a real frustration for us.