Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday double spin

That was brutal! Last week when I did it I still had the tail end of illness, but that meant my legs had effectively had a week of taper and I felt pretty powerful on the bike. Today I really didn't have vim to work too hard - there was something wrong with the fan on my end of the room, it was all much too hot and much too loud and I was having a very hard time persuading myself even to stay on the bike once the second class was underway. Had to dial back the effort significantly in last 40 mins. or so as I started to feel a bit queasy whenever I touched the bottom of zone 3 - either I hadn't eaten enough earlier or else I was just too warm.

2:05:20 (avg HR 131, max HR 148)
zone 1: 39:52
zone 2: 1:15:47
zone 3: 4:13

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