Sunday, June 12, 2011


I wrote a fuller report of the weekend's trials and tribulations at my other blog!

(The most relevant bit is that I came down yesterday with bacterial conjunctivitis, one of the most disgusting minor ailments known to mankind!)

Lungs better this afternoon than they have been over previous days, when I was coughing up huge chunks of phlegm pretty much constantly, but still really not substantively better. I imagine I am going to have to take a couple more days completely off before I even think about exercising. 'Better' still means pretty poor, and I have also almost completely lost my voice!

So it looks like I will just have to wait it out. It is going to be mentally worrying to me if I literally have not done a minute of exercise between my last long ride three weeks out from the race and the race itself, but I will hope to do one long workout next weekend as per the Gale Bernhardt plan (1hr swim, 2hr bike, 2hr run). I think I need to leave it at least until Thursday to swim to make sure that the eye stuff has really been cleaned up. In fact it may be that Thursday is about when is the soonest realistic time to do anything much at all.



Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

It sucks not to be able to do your workouts, but you got your big important bike rides in and I think much of finishing is mental! The cutoffs will be worrisome, but all you can do is your best and hope you make them.

Ironmom (Julie) said...

That's a crazy run of bad luck, but you've done a lot of hard work already, and these last three weeks would have just been bonus. Feel better!