Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hot yoga!

Thursday and Friday got the better of me - two minor doctor's appointments Thursday morning plus seminar and office hours had me totally tapped out, and Friday ditto, meetings all day, got home around 4 feeling ready for utter collapse. Didn't make it to spin class this morning, alas - when the alarm went off, I still felt so tired and ill-rested that the thought of making it downtown by 10am seemed inconceivable! Thought about a run, but felt so truly inertial I couldn't quite imagine it - then it suddenly occurred to me that it was the perfect opportunity to go to midday hot yoga. It was not as dreadful as I expected after a long layoff, though I did feel slightly overwhelmed by heat a couple times in the standing sequence. The mat sequence, and especially the savasana rests where you can feel your heart pounding, are the reward for surviving the standing sequence. Chilly and rainy - I'd quite like to have a short run later, but not sure it will happen.

1.5hr hot yoga

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