Saturday, November 8, 2014


Yesterday was a wash: I found out Joanna wasn't teaching midday spin, so I thought I'd run instead (more time-efficient), but really I only had a small window and a bit of a headache that made me feel a nap was a better idea.

Made it downtime only a minute or so late for 10am spin today - very happy to be back properly! Only did the one class. Maddeningly the 1 train is YET AGAIN not running above 96th St. due to track work, so it took much longer to get home than it should have (in retrospect, I should have walked that last mile rather than dealing with the incredibly annoying and crowded free shuttle). Had a diabolical plan that I would go to 4:30 hot yoga uptown, but really what I am going to do now is take a NAP. Opera this evening and need to get at least one chunk of work done this afternoon probably mean that's it for exercise for me today. Very beautiful sunny rather wintry day: hope the weather is like this again tomorrow for my LONG(ish) RUN....

:50 spin

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