Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Slept very badly last night, antibiotics giving me a bit of a stomach-ache (just took last pill) and lungs still with a bit of tenderness, but feel energy levels are finally back to normal, that's a relief! Very nice :50 easy in the park, had a bit of breakfast and found my EXTREMELY ROUNDABOUT way (the walk home was about half the length) to the English-language yoga class in Trastevere. It was fairly strenuous but very much the sort of class I do in Cayman (I was underhydrated, would have paid any amount of money for a bottle of water). Finding a good nearby local studio is probably the last piece of the puzzle to feel more at home here (though I am still full of trepidation about taking buses, and we are in day 5 of a taxi strike! Hoping to get an Uber car to Villa Borghese later this afternoon, but will have to leave plenty of time in case that is not realistic!).

:50 easy run
1.25hr power vinyasa

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