Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday was a day off from running, but I went to the most GLORIOUS yoga class! (Not sure what happened to the post on that, had thought I'd written it up but perhaps just in my training spreadsheet.) Brilliant teacher: a mix of flow and restorative that was quite unusual and pure genius, REALLY made the body feel different.

Today I didn't get out for my run till late afternoon, foolishly as I am sure it would have made me feel better if I'd done it sooner (one of those days where you wonder if you forgot to have caffeine in the morning as you just feel chilly/sleepy/headachy/minor stomachhache - didn't sleep well either). Really nice to be out there. Also, I saw what I have not in the morning - PARROTS in the mark!

Logistics of next couple days complicated re: museums, mealtimes, running, yoga but hopefully I will not be too frazzled!

1hr easy

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