Friday, February 10, 2017

Short run

Ah, I'm sick! It is not surprising, convergence of travel and long run buildup and book-finishing....

Anyway yesterday morning felt a little better but walking around still made my lungs hurt, and I was clearly still not at all right, so I took the day off from exercise. I was determined to get out today for something at least, walked to the park (confusedly - still getting my bearings - but it is an amazing park, I could not do better!) and did about :40 easy, then stopped and found my way home, so about :45 additional walking. Hopefully it will come clearer in my mind as I spend more time here. Did also find the viewing spot at top of Gianicolo hill, which seems to have a gelato stand - may try and get there later in the afternoon for a treat? Gonna try and get in a daily yoga habit too. The weather is beautiful - mid-50s and actually pretty sunny and springlike today.

:40 easy, and will do just this until I am feeling better, long run can wait till Mon. or Tues. if necessary.

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