Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Sunday: notionally intended to do 9am yoga class before checking out of hotel and going to airport, but Brent's alarm was for 4:30am (he was on a much earlier flight) and neither of us slept much in the hours leading up to that, so already weak willpower failed me! My flight was then quite a bit delayed, and I didn't get home till 2am...

Monday: A wash. Extreme fatigue!

Tuesday: A very good PT session with Jason. Much work on the unfortunate hamstring. Best theory: it's some kind of nerve impingement, emanating from lower down than spine (probably coming out of ischial tuberosity) and causing a good deal of discomfort. Two new stretches: "slump sliders" for "neural flossing" (I can't get over this phrasing!), one-leg Romanian deadlifts. In the early evening, jogged :30 and was VERY happy to be back out there, beautiful weather. Hip is fine, back is tight as usual, hamstring really felt sore after being worked on.

Wednesday: :25 easy. Again, most beautiful weather! Hamstring doesn't feel so good, hip fine, back tight by the end and I think I will stick to short runs till things are feeling better - really running short daily is the thing that's most valuable to me, shouldn't jeopardize it. Need to do stretches now - not a particularly appealing prospect.

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Jane said...

Ah, i forgot til this post that i used 2 do nerve-gliding exercises for my rsi (ulnar nerve)! i thought 'nerve-gliding' was a weird term. sadly didn't help me.