Saturday, March 3, 2018


Not sure why yesterday never got logged except that I was in a minor frenzy of work and other activity.

Friday: 30 as 1:1; 1hr of grotesquely over-hot and humid hot hatha that had me regretting the fact that I ever heard of hot yoga!

Saturday: 80 written as alternating 10 as 2:1, 10 as 4:1 - David writes these ones where the numbers aren't divisible to try and desensitize me to chaos! My brain wants to impose order, so: 4 x 20 as (2 x 2:1, 1 x 3:1, 2 x 4:1). Nice Luxembourg loops. Now freezing after waiting at bus stop to come home, and need proper food, but feeling good about getting that done. Back a bit sore but more I think as aftermath of working it in yoga, not the dreaded lower-back tight pain.

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