Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday practicing

Just spent an hour in the very nearest and most home-like bit of Riverside Park riding around very slowly on my bike and clipping in and out of the new pedals. They are going to be much better, although I must confess that I spent some of that time wondering whether I should do the race next week in sneakers. But I think that really it is safer as well as faster/more comfortable with cleats/clipped in - I will just go very slowly and carefully on the intense parts (hills/turns related to highway ramp situation at start and end of the bike).

Meanwhile: the Doggy Duathlon! These dog-human teams do the full swim and run legs of the NYC tri - check out these great-looking competitors!


Wendy said...


(And the whole Doggy Du thing -- fabulous!!)

ShirleyPerly said...

Funny, I considered going back to sneakers for my last sprint tri. Wasn't sure bike shoes were worth the extra time in transition but even on a short, flat course they were.

Love the Doggy Du! (not doggy doo, however)

Jade Lady said...

bet the doggies swim faster than I do! maybe I should try the doggie stroke!