Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday swim

(I've switched to the 11am lane swim slot in preference to 8:30, it is better for my summer schedule to have coffee and breakfast and work time pre-swim than to blow the opening morning hours on swimming and post-swim caffeination and refueling...)

Two resolutions:

(1) Time to start trying those wretched flip turns again. I really abandoned them in May, I have not done any at all since then, this is no good.

(2) Time to start paying attention to intervals and doing more varying-intensity work. I have been doing everything on short rest and medium intensity. Mostly I just ignore the posted intervals because often even the slowest one is too fast (especially for IM stuff) and they are written up with an alternate explanation of :05 or :10 rest interval and it is still too much of a mental challenge to keep track of times and count laps and remember the bits of the set that I'm working on all at the same time!

This is one to ponder - really I am thinking I might need to find more of an actual masters swim team, with more involved coaching, but it is very convenient and affordable swimming so close to home, so it may not be sensible. But this winter, post-marathon, I should check out some other swim options and see what I think. I've got a few recommendations that are worth checking out, one of which seems like it would be logistically appropriate...

Warmup: 2 x (100 free, 75 fly-back-breast, 50 double-arm back, 25 free fast)

First set: 4 x

100 as 75 IM (no free) kick, 25 free
100 as 75 IM (no free), 25 free kick
100 IM
100 free

For cooldown, I just did 50 back and 50 free to get up to the requisite B-Fit B-Day total. They were doing some kind of jackhammer-type work on the pool that was intolerably loud underwater. Not to mention there have been signs up for several days saying that they have taken down a vibrating shower-head in the women's locker-room, only either the sign is lying or it was an underlying plumbing issue that has now erupted on one of the other shower-heads, because you walk into the locker-room and it is like being beaten over the head with noise. Quite overwhelming - not in a good way! One of the good things about swimming is that it is usually quiet...

(There was another set but I didn't get to it, which is a pity, because it is the higher-intensity kind of stuff I think I should be working on more. Basically, it was 4 x [4 x 50] as 1. 12.5 fast, 37.5 easy; 2. 25 fast, 25 easy; 3. 37.5 fast, 12.5 easy; 4. 50 fast. Rest increasing with each set, so that first four are done on :05 RI, second on :10, third on :15, fourth on :20, with 1:00 set rest.)

2200 yards total


Wendy said...

Being beaten over the head with noise is a Very Bad Thing!

Anonymous said...


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