Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday swim

I was off to a very bad start this morning, but I think things have been more or less clawed back on course! It was a very pleasant swim, in fact, and I will shortly settle down to do some work, which should have a calming effect...

I had an unrealistic notion that I might have an early-morning bike ride, after being thwarted yesterday evening by thunder and work-related anxiety that made it (sensibly) seem I should spend the whole evening at home reading. So I set the alarm (a new alarm clock, a cheap drug-store digital travel alarm to replace the cheap drug-store analog travel one that has recently stopped working) for 6:15 and went to bed early. Woke up around 4, couldn't get back to sleep, so that when the alarm went off I was thoroughly disgusted and irritable and quite rightly reset it for 7:45 and axed the notion of the morning ride. But I must have subsequently turned it off in my sleep, because the next thing I knew it was 8:23 - swimming starts at 8:30...

(That last hour of actual sleep was a horrible mass of bicycle-anxiety-related dreams!)

However I was in the pool swimming my first warm-up lap by 8:45, which is actually not bad (really and literally the only two things I did at home were brush my teeth and put on my bathing suit and minimum on-top-of-that clothing, I needed to get out the door as fast as possible!), and I had a very solid 45 minutes of swimming. Had to do significant workout-curtailing, but that's OK, it was still eminently respectable.

Warmup: 300 free

2 x 400 1: 4 x 75 IM no free + 100 IM (all fly as drill); 2: odds 100 back, evens 100 free

Something I can't now remember: 3 or 4 x 100, maybe? 3 x 150? Not sure why I can't think of it--there was definitely something...

(Skipped the 3 x 300 free, and the last bit should have been 4 x 200, with odds as #1 below and evens as choice.)

2 x 200 1: 2 x 100 IM on :05 rest; 2: choice (I did 200 back)

c. 1800-1900 yards total


Wendy said...

Good job getting back on track!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Work has a calming effect? I wish I could say the same!