Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday swim

Today I was on time, but I still had to skimp on it - skipped 2 x 150 at the end, plus half the cooldown. Ah well, nothing to be done about that till I am a faster swimmer!

Warmup: 4 x 125 (100 free, 25 double-arm back)

6 x 150 as 100 free, 50 stroke no free (I did back, back, fly, back, breast, back)

4 x 50 free (25 fast, 25 easy)

4 x 150 as 100 stroke no free, 50 free (fly drill - swim by 25, back, breast, back)

4 x 50 free (25 easy, 25 fast)

Cooldown: 50 double-arm back, 50 free

It is interesting, the fast 25s of free feel almost like a different stroke than regular longer-distance freestyle. A lot more power, a much better feel for driving forward in the water from the hips. Try to keep some of that feel in the longer bits...

I left my bathing suit in the special bathing-suit-wringing-out-machine in the locker-room, I must get myself together here & head back over to the gym to retrieve it before it vanishes!

2500 yards total

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Oh, I love those bathing suit spin dry machines!

I think that sometimes our brains let us swim distance freestyle as "easy". At least I'm pretty sure mine does.