Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday gym

A good workout just now with M. Three weeks since I last worked out with him; it proves to be a fallacy to think that running and swimming sort of will fill in for strength training! But it was enjoyable, even though I felt pretty weak--suddenly about two-thirds of the way through the hour I felt much better than I have felt all day...


Becca said...

I wish I could go work out with M. I could definitely use feeling better than I've felt all day (though I did feel better than I had felt all day while swimming in Walden Pond--albeit without wetsuit) (yes, at the height of summer, they are still there in their wetsuits!).

Danielle in Iowa said...

Yeah, I think I have come to realize that I actually need to do separate strength training. Which just makes the whole triathlon thing even more time consuming!

Spokane Al said...


I wanted to thank you for the book recommendation of Chasing the Hawk by Andrew Sheehan. I just finished it and found the book to be a terrific read.

It was interesting reading about Dr. George Sheehan from another perspective. I started running in 1977 and shortly after discovered Runners World magazine. My favorite part of that magazine was Sheehan’s column and while the other articles were always interesting, Sheehan was where I found a kindred spirit. With the arrival of each month’s latest issue, you would find me searching for his column. Like so many other runners, I felt he was talking directly to me.

I also read each of his books and have read Running and Being more than once. In retrospect I find Sheehan’s perspective in his final book, Going the Distance, particularly interesting because he did touch on many of the issues raised by his son. I think I will re-read that book.

Reading Chasing the Hawk has also caused me to evaluate and measure my own life and relationships a bit to ensure I have not headed down the same road as the good doctor.

So once again, thank you very much for the recommendation.