Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday swim

I was late again, I could not seem to stop snoozing the wretched alarm (ARGHHHHHHHH!), but it was a good one. I was working hard! Only got through the first half of the workout, which is a pity because it was elegantly constructed (you can fill in the rest of the workout for yourself, up to 10 x 25 stroke) but it was solid...

1 x 200 free as warmup

2 x 175 free

3 x 150 IM no free

4 x 125 as 100 free 25 stroke in IM order

5 x 100 free (I did these on 2:05, which was challenging but satisfying - but I wish I were a faster swimmer!)

200 cooldown (50 double-arm back, 50 back, 100 IM with fly drill)

A bit of conversation afterwards with the coach and a looker-on who says that the Aquathlon swim is much harder than the NYC tri one. I had assumed they were very similar, the descriptions of the tri swim really are as though you are whisked into a magically fast little channel of current and cannot believe how soon it's over, so I was mildly taken aback yesterday that it was actually a regular challenging-in-its-way open water swim. I revised my time expectations for next week's swim leg significantly upwards after yesterday's swim! But based on what this fellow says, they really do mark out almost a lane for the tri, it is not a question of buoys quite far out in the middle of the river...

2200 yards total

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Wendy said...

Nice feedback on the swim leg of the unpronouncable event!