Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday bike

It only had the dimensions of the most timid person's timid bike ride--I wore sneakers, I did not ride on the street, I rode down to Chambers St. and then turned around and with great relief rode back home--and it was worthless for exercise. Zone 0! But it was 15 miles, and it was a bike ride, and that is about all I can say!

On Wednesday I will do the same ride with the cleats and see how I feel about them at the end of it. If they're good, and if I feel like I can ride with them comfortably not clipped in,* I'll wear them for the race. If in doubt, though, I will wear my running shoes and take the tradeoff on speed and efficiency. I think it will be better if I can wear cleats--about 95% of the ride will be definitely better with them on. But if I am unduly nervous about the hills and turns at the start and finish of the bike course, then I should just have the sneakers.

*[ED. Obviously they would be clipped in most or all of the time I was riding! But I want to see how secure they feel when I am riding on the non-cleat side--I am thinking that it would be beneficial for mental health to feel that I had this as an option. One of the women last week, for instance, said she rode most of the ride up to West Point with just one foot clipped in, for peace of mind...]


Wendy said...

Activity. Not exercise, but still a good thing. (Also, mental exercise.)

Steve Stenzel said...

It sounds like you've got a pedal-plan. Good luck!!!