Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday run

1.25hr. run (zone 2).

I guess I covered a little more than seven miles - it was pretty slow, but mostly very pleasant.

Sore muscles from working out with M. the other day! (3 x 15 plie squats with a ten-pound weight seemed delightfully easy compared to most of the other stuff we were doing on Thursday, but now I am not so sure...)

Warm but not excessively humid.

(If only I were not running so slowly!)

I am in mild horror that I've got this tune-up race tomorrow morning and the triathlon next Sunday. I am very much less well-trained than I imagined (someone out there is reading this and thinking Join the club!) when I registered for that race in November. I can tell I'm really not going to have any race in me by the time I get to the run, it is going to have to be approached as an enjoyable and amusing training day of a more exciting than average sort. And tomorrow's 5K is going to have to be viewed as a very short tempo run, the swim is the more valuable component because of giving me some sense of what next week's will be like.

I am excited to swim in the Hudson, though! Must sort out all my stuff this evening - I am going to trim some inches off the bottom of my wetsuit legs to enable muscular calf entrance/exiting, but I am already thinking it is like bangs self-trimming, I will have to be careful not to end up with a mid-thigh cutoff...


Danielle in Iowa said...

I am definitely in that club! But I survived today, and you'll do so as well :-)

Wendy said...

Better undertrained than overtrained! (At least that is my story and I will be sticking to it!)

I hope you have a great time strokin' & stridin' today.