Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday gym

A good workout earlier this evening with M. We took it easy; really, it's extremely hot here (serious heat advisory through Saturday evening), but in the end it was very enjoyable. I am liking these very evil things which I cannot tell you the actual name of which are like a kind of v-raise only holding a stability ball between the feet and then raising legs and arms up up and passing it over to hands, then back down and up again...

Did 2 easy treadmill miles afterwards - vaguely meant to do 3, but I ran out of time and steam.

(And then a very delicious home-cooked dinner at grad student A.'s - that is a modestly concealing initial in this case since a disproportionate number of the grad students writing dissertations with me have first names beginning with the letter A.! - good conversation, desserts from Silver Moon and a most lovely black cat to add to my acquaintance! A highly satisfactory end to a satisfactory though groggy day.)