Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good run

Felt rather tired (more insomnia last night - I think it was 2:30 before I could fall asleep, not dreadful but not great), and it was warmer than last week, but a pretty good run regardless.  Certainly I felt great once it was over!

7.75mi. (full loop plus lower loop), 1:22:00 total, 1:03:20 for loop (vs. slightly faster 1:02:57 last week, but it was cooler and we didn't go so far, so that's very similar); 10:34/mi.

Very keen to reestablish baseline of 20-mile run week.  After my final two races of the season, I'll simplify things in November by really just going down to running and yoga and a bit of spinning, then start triathlon proper in December once my semester finishes and the schedule opens up a bit.

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Black Knight said...

Glad you could get a good run after a night with insomnia. To do a good performance I always need a whole night of rest and sleep.