Friday, September 21, 2012

Blissful day of exercise!

It's pretty much the perfect weather, too, though ironically all of my exercise was indoors - really I am one of life's natural-born inside people!  Took the subway early down to Chelsea Piers for 7am boot camp.  Got some reading done in the cafe during intervals.  9:30 yoga, 12:30 spin.  Spin and yoga both very good.  Beast class also good, only I really do not do a good job with this awful exercise of bear crawl pushing 25lb plates along the ground - today we had wrists and ankles shackled with bands which did not help!

1hr boot camp
1hr yoga
1hr spin

1 comment:

Black Knight said...

Indeed a great day!
How can you work indoor when outside the weather is perfect? I wouldn't succeed.