Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hot power!

This studio has a genius online registration system that comes with very stern warnings about bad things that will happen if you sign up for a class and then don't show up (you can cancel in advance through the online system). I had horrible insomnia again last night, it was after four I think by the time I finally got to sleep and only light sleep thereafter - I was registered for a 10am "hot power" class, but at 9 when I grudgingly got up I thought maybe I'd cancel and try and get a bit more sleep. My first attempt failed (the system had already logged me out), and by that time I'd had second thoughts - yoga is a good start to an underslept day. It was pouring rain at that point, but it lightened up and I felt happy as soon as I was out of the house and en route to the studio.

The class itself was great - I suppose they do hot power at 35C whereas proper hot ("hot 26") is 40C, crucial difference for me!

75 minutes hot power yoga

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