Friday, October 7, 2016

Squats! (belated post)

Arghhhhh, I am in chaos and stress here - have booked a car to pick me up at 5:15am tomorrow and have about one million things that must be organized before that. Did have a good workout last night at the gym. I am going to miss working out with those guys terribly! I am not really on the current program as I just was away for 2 weeks and before that had been in and out, so modified the main set appropriately.

Main squat set was the INSANE 3 x 4-8 @ 80%!!!!! I immediately lowered it to 70%, but when Josh saw me do a set of 4 @ 115 he sensibly suggested that he'd prefer volume at a lower weight and I did, successfully, 3 x 8 @ 85, which was about what I had in me! Bulgarian split squats, 3 x 8 with 5-pound plates; 4 x 12 band hip thrusts; a few rather haphazard sets of hamstring curls. Remembered to bring my squat shoes home from the gym so I can take them to England with me - they are essential! On which note, had better start trying to de-squalorify apartment and make preliminary packing foray....

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