Thursday, October 6, 2016

Short run

Ugh, this week feels like a disaster - I am absolutely tapped out and yet I have done hardly any of the things I need to before leaving town very early Saturday morning! Oh dear - and though sinus infection is receding, I think I am having fall allergies, or at least something is making me feel as though eyeballs are covered with sandpaper plus general pre-travel knot-in-stomach anxiety!

I didn't make it to powerlifting Tuesday because I had to pick up the cat from the vet (and was also a minor nervous wreck due to anxiety about diagnosis - cat apparently has early hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?!?), and Wednesday was a disaster - there was a spell in both morning and evening when I huddled in bed and thought about how I should run, but I just couldn't make it happen (I did get up both times, but the more pressing need the second time was to get to pharmacy and pet store to order prescriptions and provisions to cover the eight weeks I'll be out of town).

Today I had a couple tasks I had to complete first (I locked in on too many minor altruistic favors, many of them academic, and it's making it really hard to clear any time for other stuff), but did get out midday. I am squatting in a few hours and also I'm about at the end of my tether so I ignored the schedule and just did :40 easy! Hoping to get in a decent longer one (1.5hr) tomorrow, but really it depends on how I feel!

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