Sunday, October 9, 2016


A very nice one too. I made it here (Oxford) in one piece, and the trip didn't even seem that overwhelming - except for the last part (fortunately I had an extremely calm and friendly driver pick me up at Heathrow and drive me to Oxford with large bags - but we couldn't even get the car all the way to the Balliol Porters Lodge because the road was closed for the half-marathon the next morning, and it seemed like mere luck that there was a set of keys for me at all - the flat is in a house on what seemed a very dark and ill-numbered road, though fortunately I was able to find someone locking up his bike who could explain to me where I was really going and direct the car accordingly - a great relief too to finally find a light switch in the incredibly dark stairwell!). Awake for some hours in the night, slept late, fell asleep again mid-afternoon in a jet-lagged way and knew I'd really better get out for a proper run - and it was LOVELY. Did some preliminary exploration that didn't really suit my purpose and then found my way onto more like what I was looking for, platonic ideal of run routine namely an out-and-back on a path alongside water.

I'm here for eight weeks, counting today as week 1 day 1 - goal is to run 7hr/week come what may! That is only about 35mi at current slow speeds but it would be a good base, eh? I am not sure when the powerlifting club will start meeting, will try and find some yoga in the meantime though most important thing is to get my ID card so that I can use library, gym, etc. Some combobulation still needed, though I had a successful foray to Marks & Spencer for provisions today. (When I got in last night, the only thing open was high street newsagent though that did happily sell me an egg sandwich and a few beers!)

1hr easy!

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