Friday, October 14, 2016

Hot yoga!

GRUESOMELY hot yoga in fact! Hahahaha, it's always awful after a layoff - I haven't done a hot class since the end of the summer, and even then it was mostly the 1hr abbreviated class, ugh....

Anyway felt very queasy by halfway through the standing sequence (indeed I would guess I came closer than I ever have before to actually throwing up - only narrowly averted I felt!). Better after that was done. The walk home has pleasantly cooled me down, but I am really torn on whether to go back for more or just do the regular-temperature yoga which seems a lot more manageable! I like how I feel after this one, though....

(Jogged over too though I don't think that was what tipped me over. I am on track for 7hr this week as long as I do the full 2hr run tomorrow!)

:14 easy run
1.5hr overly hot hot yoga!

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