Wednesday, October 12, 2016

OUPLC induction

Very pleasant preliminary session getting shown around. The folks seem extremely nice and it will definitely work for me (also my ID arrived today and it was easy to get gym membership with that in hand), but I am having terrible homesickness for my Chelsea Piers powerlifting crew! This will be a different sort of set-up - it's a tiny space, with limited equipment, so the 2 training times I've written down are more like "drop in for advice" sessions, everyone trains on their own time and there isn't particularly shared programming. I'm going to go back through last fall's blog and do a version of that training cycle for myself - if I don't find good training partners it is going to end up more in the way of minimum maintenance than a true build, I think, as I traditionally have not much enjoyed strength training on my own. That said, there will be people around to ask for a spot, which is important too, and maybe I'll be able to slot into a routine that suits me?

1:15 induction (light lifts on all three lifts for technique)

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