Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hmmm, must not have logged yesterday, but I did do the appointed 30 as 2:1. Have been in a frenzy of trying to get this talk written for today and battling jet lag (really I have almost a sleep disorder, and the travel in this direction is horrible for me - I can't fall asleep at night and then I can't resist the call of bed in the daytime). Will paste in the report from my training log:
Call it a draw, not an utter disaster - I couldn't make myself do it in the morning (tech. was up just about early enough, but feeling awful in every dimension of jet lag, sore back and hip [too much computer time Thurs and Fri] etc. and still needing to finish last touches on talk, plus ladyfication is necessary when delivering an academic talk, it's more time-consuming than regular getting-out the door). Slept for THREE hours after I got home (talk was fun tho!), the jet lag in this direction is very tough for me as I basically have what is almost a sleep disorder and cannot resist the call of bed in the daytime when I get that queasy-sleepy feeling. Woke up 5:30pm, still a bit of light, didn't let myself talk myself out of running and meant to do the whole hour - but was taken aback to get to park and find it of course locked, it's only open 8-5 at this time of year! ANYWAY I did 20 as 4:1 (to and from the park, basically), better than nothing, don't worry, I do feel guilty and I know this letting work stuff and bad sleep habits get the better of me is my longstanding vice!

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