Sunday, February 11, 2018


1hr early as alternating 3:1 and 2:1 (have always liked the seven times table), home to shower, Cafe del Sol with Brent and stayed for some Gibbon time (have been suffering slight self-inflicted Gibbon deprivation, didn't want it to go on another day), then Mark's insane "opening" workshop! It was what I most need, but it was way more intense than I had imagined (this was foolish, because although yoga workshops in general may involve a fair bit of sitting and learning things, Mark's regular classes are always extremely strenuous and sweaty, and so was this workshop - which also went on a half-hour longer than advertised!). It was very good, including 3 assistants to press down and offer alignment and other assistance, but VERY very very warm and effortful - I refilled my water bottle twice, and I still was absolutely tapped out of all fluids when I emerged. Much better now I have had a Gatorade, a .75l bottle of Pellegrino and 2 wonton soups....

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