Monday, February 12, 2018

Hot yoga!

Hahahaha, that was PERFECT. I took the license allowed to a runner who has been pretty consistent in recent weeks and decided that 6am hot yoga is the best thing to set me up for a very long day of travel (15 minutes walk each way). I brought my mat home yesterday after the workshop as I was so hammered I was not at all sure I would even be WALKING today let alone doing another yoga class in a warm room, but in fact it was good, my back was less sore than it has been over night (the hammering was more in the nature of heat stress I think than exercise as such), it tightened up a bit as I walked to class, but definitely a net gain from workshop overall. (And I REALLY noticed how much more mobility I had in hips for wind-removing pose, and that I could go back pretty far for camel - though that also has to do with the room not being so hot first thing in the morning!) It is a gift of course not to have had the heat get fully up to where it is supposed to be, AND the teacher was late, so we had more like a forty-five minute class, with only single repetitions of most of the mat postures. Anyway I felt good both during and after - it is my perennial wish that hot yoga should be about 5F degrees cooler....

30 minutes walk
45+ minutes hot yoga

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