Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday swim

No swim on Monday, as the complex will be entirely taken over for the Try-this-Tri (I am volunteering, not racing - Brent is the director of the children's race!), so I thought I'd better get in a decent swim this morning. Didn't really feel like it when the time came: slept OK, but woke up from a very vivid nightmare involving having sublet my apartment and not having a place to live - I am laughing as I write it, it really is the way that I talk in life too, it leads to frequent looks of puzzlement on the face of the person I am talking to, but as the alarm went off I was just saying to someone sitting in the seat in front of me on a tour bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts "Do you know any non-intrusive distressed gentlewoman who would rent me a room?"

In any case:

200 free, 100 IM drill, 200 free, 100 IM swim

6 x 100 drill-swim by 25 (catch-up, thumbs-and-salute, 6-3-6, fists, front scull, finger-drag)

6 x 100 on 2:30, odds IM and evens free

1800 meters total


Unknown said...

We might have a sea swim on Monday afternoon?

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Oh you English professors and your funny way of talking!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like a fun event!