Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday treadmill

It is part of a deal with JB, but as part of heat acclimation and taking pressure off expectations on paces, I am going wholly on time and HR zones for the immediate future and trying to avoid self-reproach if I do not cover the hoped-for distances - have switched my training log to show hours rather than miles, and am hoping this has triggered a mental switch too.

Certainly my treadmill run just now, though warm, was far easier than last week's! No negative thoughts - my iPod was working, and America's Next Top Model (a program I have never seen) was on television with captions...

1hr. zone 2


Unknown said...

Very good! (JB is wise.)

Unknown said...

I hope you are still recording the miles though! (or at least the pace!) I think that is the gratifying part of heart rate training, to watch yourself get faster at the same effort!