Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick update

Down with a non-acute and yet still pronounced chest cold. Basically I'm looking at a whole week off: I'm going to a wedding in Baltimore over the weekend (first stopping in Philadelphia for Thursday night), and I think it's probably Sunday or Monday anywhere before my lungs are better enough for it to be a good idea to exercise. Unwanted early taper! I think I might do some walking in Baltimore over the weekend, though; it would be useful from the point of view of heat acclimation, as I think it is going to be in the 90s with high humidity (say, 2hr Saturday and 1hr Sunday?). I last exercised on Friday and am strongly feeling the effects of the current deprivation!

Will see how I feel Monday and then decide how to handle next week. I would like to do one long triple workout with all the gear I plan to use before I drop off my stuff for TriBike Transport on the 15th, so that probably should take place on Tuesday (I'm shipping a gear bag as well as my bike, and will send pretty much everything but bike shoes that way so that I don't have to worry about keeping it with me in carry-on when I fly on the 23rd) - I'll seriously curtail the run component if I still feel at all sub-par.

So I think I'm past the worst of it, yesterday was the tipping point, but still definitely full of phlegm! I deduce that a 100-mile bike ride currently puts a significant strain on my immune system (I got sick within 2 days of each of my 100-mile rides), but also that I never got fully better from the first ailment.

(My right-leg chafing is only just now really getting better enough to exercise with anyway, so I pretty much just had to resign myself to the fact that my body was asking for a lot of days off!)

My last long workout pre-race is supposed to be Saturday the 18th, with 1hr swim, 2hr bike and 2hr run, but since I will have already shipped a lot of the specific gear I'm using, it's not the occasion to do one last check on all that stuff!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are not feeling well, but all the fitness you will need should already be in the tank, so don't stress out about getting the rest you need. Undertrained is always preferable to overtrained. Make sure you carry your helmet on the plane with you! Those things are only good for one hard impact, and you don't want that to be some shipping & handling incident you don't know about. I carried my aero helmet with me to Florida last fall based on the advice I received from my pro triathlete friends. Safety first!

Jenny Davidson said...

Thanks, Carls! I agree re: under- vs. over-, I think the tank was full enough & that some mental and physical relaxation will be much for the best till the lungs clear.

I had not even thought of that re: helmet, but you are QUITE RIGHT - had only been thinking of convenience, but that should be the thing I carry myself...

Black Knight said...

I hope you get well soon.
I have a similar problem: the very long distance runs and the races put a significant strain to my immune system (headache the day after and an ulcer on my tongue). However the benefits are better than these little problems.