Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hot yoga!

I am nine minutes short of the week's non-negotiable six-hour total, but after the weeks I've been having, I will count that as a win!

Hot yoga was excellent. Best of all for acclimation/heat adaptation is to go every day, but now I've done three classes in two weeks, I'm getting a bit of it back. Still falling out of all the one-legged poses, but didn't feel nauseous during the standing series, and the floor series felt amazing. It also helps that I finally got two reasonable nights of sleep in a row.

Out of town now for a talk, no exercise tomorrow, but I am hoping this coming week will be a really good one for exercise - running, spinning, hot yoga, maybe a Pilates class or two. I consulted both Joanna and yoga teacher about sore hip; Joanna points out that the first thing to do is get new running shoes (and indeed, I think the pair I've been running in may have been quite old - I reverted to an old pair I'd left at Brent's when the new model was giving me a blister) and yoga teacher says run on softer surfaces, so I will try and follow both those bits of advice.

1.5hr hot yoga

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