Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot yoga!

The room was almost intolerably hot - this teacher likes it really hot, it is a bit of a nightmare! (Also of course I already did one hot sweaty hour of exercise earlier, which makes a difference.) I had to sit out the second set of standing bow-pulling pose, and sat down one more time at the end of the standing series; on the other hand, it was more just overheating and verging on hyperventilation, I was not actually feeling queasy. The floor series felt very good, and I am already much more flexible (especially in fixed firm pose, which I always think really must be called "fixed fern" - I got it in my head that way at the beginning, and it stuck) than I was a week ago.

This must be the first double exercise day I've had for several months - feels like coming home! Double again tomorrow - 10am spin and then meeting up with L. at 2pm for a long stint of run-walk (5:1 or 6:1, I think) to make sure we'll be OK for next week's half-marathon in Philadelphia. Then on Sunday I'll probably just do yoga again. I have a lot of work to do this weekend, but no other plans or commitments, thank goodness - I am due some downtime.

1.5hr hot yoga

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